Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xenome: Episode 1?


Xenome: Episode 1 will be your first of multiple journeys into the Xenome Universe. Episode 1 is a Role Playing Game for the iPhone that takes place at the beginning of the 24th Century. Our harsh, yet beautiful environment and deep, rich lore will leave you wanting more.




What's the difference between Xenome: Episode 1 and Xenome Online?

Xenome: Episode 1 is a single player RPG based in a huge game world. Xenome Online will be an MMORPG based inside an even bigger world, eventually expanding to other worlds. Xenome Online will have regular content updates with new things to do and places to explore.

What is an MMORPG?

MMORPG stands for massively multi-player online role playing game. In an MMORPG, thousands of people play and interact with one another in a persistent, evolving game world at the same time. Because MMORPG is a mouth full, the shortened term, MMO, is often used.

Will there be a Xenome: Episode 2?

Yes. There will be multiple games leading up to the MMORPG. Episode 1 is only your first encounter with the Xenome Universe. Episode 2 is currently in development and will have a more robust feature set and new content to experience.

How does Xenome differ from other games?

From the use of cutting edge technology and intuitive user interface to our smooth game play and “kill or be killed” combat mechanics, we've created a feature-rich environment that's both beautiful and deadly. We've taken the time to create content and features that have never been seen before while staying true to certain core MMO traditions.

Why so many different versions?

There's so much story that needs to be told before the release of the MMO that it needed to be set up ahead of time. That's not to say that a person couldn't pick up the MMO and enjoy themselves without knowing the “Lore of the Land,” only that the more you know, the deeper the immersion.

What are the requirements to run this game?

Xenome: Episode 1 currently requires at least iPhone iOS 3.1.2 or later, and an iPhone 3GS, 4G, iPad or iPod Touch Gen 3 device with 32 or 64GB of storage.

Are you planning a release for the iPad?

Yes. There are plans in motion to help facilitate development on the iPad.

Are you planning for other platforms?

Not currently. For the time being, we are developing strictly for Apple devices.

Who made this game?

Nine Pound Studios. A small, independent company based in Rochester, NY. We are dedicated to creating quality gaming experiences.

What drives you?

At NPS, we are striving to redefine the hand-held gaming experience using technology so advanced that is hasn't even been invented yet (OK, that's impossible. We just made that up. Our apologies). You'll see our passion for gaming from the instant that you launch the application. Our goal has always been to create an original IP experience and we're very proud of what we believe will become the first real franchise on the platform.

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